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Protect your Computer

How Can I Prevent My Computer From Being Hacked?

Although no system is 100% safe from outside intruders you can minimize the risk. The best way to protect against hackers is to use a firewall program. As well as some self help.

Here are the steps I would advise following

  • Dont choose easy passwords such as your name
  • Change your passwords on a regular basis
  • Do not leave your passwords and credit card information lying around
  • Turn off preview pane in your email program
  • Only download from trusted sources
  • Scan all CD-Rom’s Floppys,usb devices, email attachments before use.
  • Keep your firewall and anitvirus program up-to-date
  • If your computer is not on a network then Disable file and print sharing on in the network options panel
  • Educate other computer users on the use of firewalls.

If running a network or a computer with sensitive or confidential data on it consider using Vulnerability-testing software which checks many of the same things a security consultant would automatically at a lower cost. Its also worth remembering in a corporate enviroment most attacks and data thefts actually come from someone within the company or a ex employee than from the outside world. To this effect make sure users are only give the level of access required to do their job.

If you are on a Windows machine it is also important to update security patches and service packs from Microsoft. Keeping up to date with service packs and security patches will help you build a more secure computing environment.

Think of firewalls as gatekeepers. All messages coming in or going out are carefully screened to meet certain select security criteria. When installed, a firewall exists between your computer(s) and the Internet. The firewall lets you request web pages, download files, chat, etc. while making sure other people on the internet can not access services on your computer like file or print sharing. Some firewalls are pieces of software that run on your computer. Other firewalls are built into hardware and protect your whole network from attacks.

ZoneAlarm Pro is the award-winning personal firewall that automatically blocks known and unknown Internet threats, barricading your PC against hackers and data thieves. It’s easy to install and use, and comes with a year of free, automated product updates. Why risk it? Get protected. Even better Zone Alarms Home Edition is FREE

Or there’sBlackICE Defender is an industrial-strength anti-hacker system that delivers unmatched protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable modem, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity. When it detects an attempted intrusion, it automatically blocks traffic from that source, keeping intruders from accessing your system. there are many other firewalls this is just a brief intro.

Firewalls do not stop Viruses checkout protect against viruses

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