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Ullapool Has Broadband

Broadband is mentioned everywhere these days and how it will change our lives. Here at over the last few months have been inundated with questions about broadband so we have decided to pull together this fact sheet to help you understand all about this new technology.

What difference will broadband make ?

Potentially, unmetered broadband Internet access will change the way we use both the Internet and television. With the Internet, there will be no need to log on and off, download times will be lightning fast and fears over the cost of the call will be removed. This means a vast range of services offered on the net would be instantly available – films, music and games, along with local information such as traffic and weather reports.

Normal phone calls would also be made without having to disconnect Internet access, and video e-mail and video conferencing would become cheap and easy.

The revolution in entertainment this would bring would be closely related to television use. For example, downloaded films would not have to be viewed on a PC and the viewer would be able to pause and rewind in the same way as with a videocassette recorder. Also, interactive television services, such as home shopping, would become fast and sophisticated, and some retail analysts have predicted that online retailing via TVs – or “t-commerce” – could rapidly overtake PC-based shopping.

The Broadband Self-Assessment Tool from the Scottish Enterprise website takes a couple of minutes and will help you decide if your business will benefit from a broadband connection.

What Is Broadband?

Put simply its a faster way of getting information to and from the Internet at anytime you want – its also a huge increase in the range of services that can be offered via the Internet and digital television. It promises a new age in entertainment and communications, as well as a major boost for e-commerce (Click here to see our E-Commerce Fact Sheet).

How does it work?

It is the name given to systems designed for high-speed transmission of huge amounts of electronic data. Think of a pipe carrying water. If you want to get more water down the pipe, and send it faster, you need a broader pipe. In the case of electronic data, the same result can be achieved using advanced cable technology, radio frequency transmissions or satellite systems.

What is ADSL Then?

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is the specific technology for making broadband transmissions on the existing telephone networks.

Some 40 times faster than 56k modems, ADSL has been available in many parts of the US since 1998. Most customers, though, are likely to sign up to a slower retail version of the ADSL service, at best up to 10 times faster than 56k modems.

BT is rolling out a nationwide UK service, but it is not available everywhere yet. Rural areas are especially unlikely to be able to get the service.

Can I get it now?

Our exchange has had ADSL broadband since the21st April 2004 this was down to all the people who worked hard to get broadband in our area and thank you to everyone who registered, thanks to HIE for stepping up the campaign and BT for lowering our Trigger level.

Check Out for more infomation on what you’ll need and how much it will cost to install braodband at home.

Well Done Ullapool Our Team Work Has Paid Off

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