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Fishing Industry

Fishing Industry in Ullapool
Ullapool’s Fishing Industry
By Joan Britten

Ullapool harbour has long been a focal point of the village for tourists, situated, as it is in the centre of Shore Street and also now the ferry terminal for Stornoway. For over 200 years fishing has played an important role in the economy [...]

Pipe Band

The History of Ullapool and Loch Broom
The Ullapool Pipe Band & Highland Dancers

Before The Pipe Band
Pipe Major Norman Gillies was a soldier serving in the Glasgow-based Light Infantry, while there he earned the reputation of being one of Scotland’s leading pipers. In 1975 during April he was appointed as the first [...]

Before 1788

The History of Ullapool and Loch Broom
Before The Ullapool We Know Today
By K.J.B.S. MacLeod in “A Guide to Ullapool”

Whilst 1788 was a memorable year in the history of Ullapool, representing the beginning of the creation of the village as we know it in its present layout and pattern, there was life in the [...]

Local Awards

A New Page To Celebrate Our Area’s achievements
Lochbroom And Ullapool News
Seafood Award Finalists Are Announced
Seafood Pub of the Year Award
Winner, The Seaforth Inn, Ullapool.
This popular inn strives to source all its seafood locally. It employs a staff of international chefs, who each bring individual flair and an innovative approach to [...]

Ullapool History

The History of Ullapool and Loch Broom
Ullapool History
Although the history of Ullapool and the surrounding areas is some what patchy there is still a lot that we do know. We have tried to include as many articules as possible covering all aspects of Ullapool and Lochbroom’s past, however we are constantly looking for more information [...]

Church Services

Ullapool Church Services and Places of Worship
Ullapool has many Places of Worship, On Our Ullapool Church Page you can view the photographs of the Church Buildings, Service and contact Details – We have tried to include most of them here. Please feel free to add to this page by contacting the webmaster along with any [...]

Business A-Z

If you would like your business listed here with a description & link to your website please contact us.

Property For Rent

Houses for Let in the North West Highlands of Scotland
Lochbroom & Ullapool Properties For Rent
Do you Have Property To Rent In or Near Ullapool ?
We attract a lot of visitors to our site who are interested in moving to our beautiful area so it makes sense to use the best media available to you to [...]

Property For Sale

Property For Sale in Ullapool – Crofts for Sale


Want to find a buyer for your property?
To advertise your business or property for sale please contact us. We attract a lot of visitors to our site who are interested in moving to Ullapool . It makes sense to use the best media available to you [...]

Job Vacancies

Lochbroom & Ullapool Job Vacancies
Job Vacancies in and near Ullapool advertised here.
The Highlands of Scotland is the most sought after place to live in the United Kingdom, due to the quality of life enjoyed in the area of outstanding beauty. If you are an employer send a short description by email of what Job you [...]

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