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Earn From Your PC

Ullapool Online Guides – Make Money from home on Computer
Ullapool PayPal Fact Sheet Supporting our Businesses
Earning Cash From Your PC Guide
There are lots of ways to get paid while you are online
In your spare time you can work at home and make money from your computer, however there are a [...]

Paypal Fact Sheet

Ullapool PayPal Fact Sheet Supporting our Businesses

PayPal and your Business

PayPal’s Description

(Over 40 million member accounts worldwide)
Perfect Way For Visitors To Pay For There Accomodation Up Front No Hassle

“PayPal allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively [...]

Computer Security

Welcome to the Computer Corner

Here we will keep you up give you all the information and knowlege you need to deal with viruses, worms and trojans we have also put together a selection of articles explaining all about the different types of computer infections. Some infections are no longer seen as often if atall where [...]

Rhue Settlement

The Pre-Historic Settlement At Rhue
by Colin Scouller in “A guide to Ullapool”
Down A Minor road signposted “Rhue” branches left off the A.835 about 2.5 miles north of Ullapool and after about a quarter of a mile, bends sharply to the right. Most of the settlement, which covers four acres or more, lies on [...]

People of Hector

People of Hector
The Ship Hector and the people who sailed on her
By Henry Beer

To see some more photos of the passenger list and ship hector click hereOr visit
Down on the shores of Pictou Harbour in Nova Scotia ship builders are painstakingly reconstructing the 18th century ship Hector. In 1773 the [...]

Ship Hector

Ship Hector
Reported by Andy Mitchell
Photo Curtesy of
An On a bright June morning in 1773 the old Dutch vessel, Hector was moored in Loch Broom, close to the small settlement of Ullapool, taking onboard a group of people from the Highlands. These people were joining a few others [...]


The Loch Broom Landscape
By Peter Harrison in “A Guide to Ullapool”

The North West Coast has particularly outstanding scenery. The landscape you view today is the result of geologically recent surface processes acting on much more ancient underlying rocks. The oldest rocks to be found in the Lochbroom area are at Corrie and were [...]


by Cathy Dagg in “A guide to Ullapool”
Although people have been living in the Ullapool area since the end of the Ice Age. About 9000 years ago, they have left little evidence to be unearthed by archaeologists. However, there are so few documentary records of life here, even for relatively recent times that we have [...]


Clearances Near Ullapool
The Clearances in Loch Broom and Coigach

An ancient Act of 1585 legally permitted the laird to evict tenants or sub-tenants provided he gave them 40 days notice. If they failed to comply he could bring in troops to evict them. By the end of the 18th Century several of the old [...]

Isle Martin

Isle Martin
Isle Martin Near Ullapool
The Location
Isle of Martin is situated at the mouth of Loch Broom, some three miles northwest of Ullapool in Wester Ross. The nearest mainland is less than a mile away at Ardmair. This strategic location has been important in both the commercial and cultural history [...]

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